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Tinteiros Express is presenting a new concept in service, with solutions that meet with the development of your company.

Within the Angolan market, we have to offer low-cost solutions and strategies, ensuring high quality in all services and products offered.

One of our strengths is the partnership with foreign companies leaders within the security industry, on which we believe that, it give us the potential to become a  competitive company in this market.

In support, we rely on engineers with over 30 years of experience and great knowledge in the field of Electronic Security, who are experts in developing solutions in hardware and software according to the needs of our customers.

Focus now in the Angolan market, we had already made some achievements, such as the security market in the diamonds field, as well as customers well positioned in the corporate structure of the country, providing them with assistance from the initial project to after sales service.

Wishing to contribute to the development of your company, we are looking forward to see you soon.
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